Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Numero UNO!

Day number one.
It is not really day number one, but a day, when I am shoving and kicking the rest of my belongings, or at least what I thought to be the rest of my belongings into my SUV, determined to drive cross country during December 2010, without four-wheel drive. In my later 20s and heading off to med-school for natural medicine and chinese medicine, I must say that I am excited, scared, sad but know deep down inside me and all around me, that this is what I always needed to do. I embark on a new journey to bring to one coast what it could not bring to me, in hopes that one day I may bring back something useful, perhaps the medicine itself, or the knowledge and power of healing - what it holds for each of us from within. We will see how the journey ends, just as we see it begin.

So now that we have the introduction out of the way, lets get to the story.

My boyfriend, whom will from here on out be deemed as "So-Crazy", is traveling with me, to make sure that I am protected, arrive safely and that I have someone to spend the holidays with. Yes, Ladies, He is amazing, and I am so pleased to call him mine, just so you know I probably will not be posting pictures of us on the blog just to keep priv-acy, but who knows maybe I will... Anyways, I finish tying down all the knots, traps, closing hatches etc. Oh, Yes... DON'T FORGET THE CATS. Melvine and the birds Perdido and Lulu will have to stay behind, as nobody likes to rent a room to a lady and her cats, never-mind a lady and her ZOO! So we finally Get in the car, Socrazy driving and me co-pilot. Decide to leave on a Friday night, on December 17th, 2010, during the best time of day! RUSH HOUR, through Boston. Say what you will, I enjoyed my 4 hour drive to Gram's, which I can normally do in one. We arrive at Gram's late at night, just in time to fall into bed. But considering the time of eight O'Clock and that we will have to leave early that next morning, I give my grandmother the opportunity to have a massage. Something that she persistently pesters me about. "I can't believe that you gave Ma (my GREAT-grandmother) a massage but you haven't given me one yet!" These are her words, but the best point was not the words but the face of jealously. I love my grandmother, she never ceases to bring a smile to my face, and she always has a bed for me whenever I go to visit or am in need. But so that we are on the same page, let me explain something. My great-grandmother had hip-surgery and was 98 at the time when I gave her massage. (She deserved one after 98 years). Later my grandmother had surgery which definitely qualified her for a massage, but do to school and work I was not as able to get up there to give her one. So I promised her that before I went, I would give her a massage.

So I set up the table for her massage, and as soon as she lies down she wants to get up so that she can see if it works. She might be impatient, but she is as eager as a child. And please do not get in her way! Once the massage is over, she gets up and is walking pretty good, and she is smiling. I clean everything up and everybody goes to bed.